Friday, July 30, 2010

Happy Easter

We were very excited to wake up to see what the Easter Bunny brought Stella Cate. Papa Jack sent her some prizes too. After she posed for some pics with her Easter happies we all got dressed up and headed to church. I think we lasted a good 30 minutes before we had to leave. I'm not ready to leave her in the nursery and she was too loud for big church. At least we tried. She sure looked pretty in her pink Easter dress and bonnet. We met our neighbors John and Claire Windsor and Paul Watkins at Char for lunch. The Windsors were very kind and patient and took some family pics for us after lunch. It was a wonderful day.

Rice Cereal

Stella enjoyed eating rice cereal from her pretty porringer and new baby spoons. What a big girl

4 Month Check Up

This round of shots seemed worse than the 1st. Stella Cate just didn't feel well after she got them.
She weighed 14 lbs. 12oz

Happy Heart Day!

Sweetest Valentine in the world!

Baby It's Cold Outside

Stella Cate's 1st snow. Brrrrrrr!

2 Month Check Up

Stella had her 2 month check up and her first round of shots. The shots were not fun for baby or mommy.
She weighed 11 lbs. 9oz.

Happy 30th Birthday Daddy!

Gere's birthday is on Christmas Day so we tried to change gears by blowing up some balloons and making him a birthday sign. Happy Birthday Dada! We love you very much!

Christmas in Jackson

We really wanted to go home for Christmas to see family and friends, but we also wanted to have Stella's 1st Christmas in our own home in Jackson. Santa came to see SC in Jackson and it was fun to see what he brought.

Baby's 1st Christmas

Stella Cate turned 6 six weeks old and we decided to head home for Christmas. Jackson is 5 hrs. from Florence so it was a major undertaking to get her home. We packed for 3 days and you should have seen the car. Honestly, a U-haul would have come in handy. It took us 7 hours to get home but once we arrived it was worth it. We got to see lots of friends and family and I kept thinking about how blessed we are to have Stella with us. She is such a sweetie pie and this Christmas was just so wonderful.

Little Outing

Stella at the the Spa aka bathtime

Stella is now starting to like her bath. She used to scream the whole time but now she seems to be enjoying having her hair washed and soaking in the warm water.

Hello Hadley! Nice to Meet You

Our dear friends the Rhetts came to Jackson to meet Stella Cate. Stella Cate was not feeling very well that day. Poor baby was up all night screaming bc/her sweet little mouth was bothering her from the thrush. She wouldn't eat so we celebrated the morning of her 4 Week Birthday in the After Hours Clinic. If you are wondering why her mouth is purple in these pictures, it's bc/we were told to get some crazy purple stuff to treat her thrush. It stains and ruins everything it touches and DOES NOT WORK. Stella's mouth was purple for 4 days. Luckily the Dr. at the after hours clinic prescribed us something that really works so it wasn't long before she was feeling better and able to eat again. Don't get me wrong, it still took almost 6 weeks before the thrush completely went away. Anyway, we were relieved to be back home and so glad to see Parker, Libby, and Miss Hadley. The Rhetts have been such good friends to us. I bet I call Libby ten times (maybe more) a week for advice. We enjoyed their company and it was really fun to see Hadley with SC. We are very blessed to have such wonderful friends.

Thursday, July 29, 2010