Thursday, November 19, 2009

On our way to the hospital!!!

Saturday, November 7,2009 was the most amazing day of my life. We welcomed Stella Cate McLemore into the world. Everything about that day was wonderful. It was really a neat story actually. My original due date was November 23rd, but we were set to be induced on the 19th. We had just been to the Dr. that Tuesday and she was confident that I would still be waiting around and she would see me on the 19th. My dad and brother came into town Friday afternoon to help me with some projects around the house. I was in the nesting stage of pregnancy and my "to do" list was a mile long. Gere was planning to drive home to Corinth for the weekend bc/we all felt certain that it would be ok, especially since my dad was with me. Well...Dad, Carter, and I head to Amerigos for dinner and Gere hits the road. I was at the table for about 20 minutes before I started to really miss Gere. It was kind of a homesick type feeling. So I called him and told him I missed him already. When we returned home from dinner, Gere had was there waiting. He had gotten 30 minutes down the road and turned around. It's a good thing he did bc/my water broke at 7:30 the next morning. It was weird that it just so happened that my family was already in town. We packed our bags and headed to the hospital. I loved the Dr. that was on call and delivered Stella Cate. The nurses were great too. Our daughter was born at 6:45pm!!!!!! It was love at first sight!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Prego pics

Wow, we have been super busy lately. Why you ask...well we had our precious Stella Cate 3 weeks early. I have a lot of back tracking to do to get everything up to date. A week before our daughter was born, Gere and I had the car seat installed and then decided to take some pregnancy pics. It was fun taking pictures of the "Going Home" outfit I smocked for little miss. I'm glad we took those pictures bc/it was the very next week that she decided she was ready to meet us.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Car Seat Safety

Gere and I went to lunch after church yesterday and then to the Madison Fire Department to have the car seat installed. Of course we couldn't leave with out a photo session to document the event.

Daddy working in the nursery and Mommy playing with all of the fun baby stuff.

Sweet Soiree

My Sweet friends hosted the most beautiful baby shower for little Miss McLemore and me. Everything was so precious and decorated in sweet pink. I had so much fun and truly enjoyed visiting with all of the girls. I can't wait for this little girl to meet all of her mommy's precious friends.