Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting Ready for Baby!

The nursery is gradually coming together. It is already my favorite room in the house. Right now everything has been ordered, we're just waiting for it all to be delivered. I'm very anxious to get things in place and just perfect for her arrival. Gere put all of the crystals on the chandelier and he helped my dad install it. I think Daddy Jack was on the ladder for 2 days. He said he might have to see a chiropractor after it all. Then the bookshelf was delivered, so our good friend and neighbor Bob come to help move it into the baby's room. Thanks Bob for allowing me to snap some pics. Gere's comment..."Welcome to my world Bob". :)

So I have been having a hard time staying cool. I usually freeze everywhere I go, but lately it's been a different story. HA! Gere and I were watching a movie one night and I kept talking about how hot it was in the house. We paused the movie so I could turn the fan on high and I wanted to crank up the air. When I returned, this is how I found my husband. Keep in mind it was the beginning of September.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun times with friends

We had such a nice time at our friends Hunter and Lori's amazing house for a little get-together. Their new house is so pretty, the food was delish, and the company was wonderful. I avoided pictures at all cost, but we got a really cute pic of the guys. What a cute class! I think they will be really cute doctors one day too!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Growing baby

I can't believe I'm posting this, but for memory sake I am.