Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Valentine Party

This is a little late, but oh well. Just a few pics. from our Valentine party at school. It was an ice cream sundae party. We made froggy Valentine card holders out of giant fruit/vegetable cans from the cafeteria to hold all of our cards. They turned out pretty cute. Our party was a lot of fun.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Kelly and Phil's Engagement Party

Last weekend we celebrated Kelly Kirk and Phil Smith's engagement! It was a lot of fun getting to see everyone. Kelly was the beautiful bride-to-be, Stacey's house was lovely, Jade is the cutest pregnant girl I've ever seen, Hillary was on top of her game as usual, just returning home from market and kept everything running smoothly (what would we do w/o her?!!!), Emily kept us in stitches reminiscing about our college days,and Kerri is still just as sweet as ever. I am really looking forward to the wedding festivities in New Orleans in May. We will miss Jade, but will be happy to welcome a new little Anchor Man that same weekend! It won't be long Kelly...You will soon be Mrs. Phil Smith!!!!!!