Friday, January 2, 2009

Tacky Christmas Party at Bo and Prentiss's

Our friends Prentiss and Bo hosted a Tacky Christmas Party. We had so much fun. The decorations were adorable, the food was delicious, and everyone looked great in their tacky Christmas attire. (I made a Christmas tree dress equipped w/real lights that worked! Those battery packs added major major inches to my waist! A friend of ours won 1st place for the tackiest outfit, but Gere won 2nd! Woo Hoo! He won a lovely can of Vienna sausages, yummy!) Thanks Bo and Prentiss for such a fun night!

What did you get for Christmas?

Well, I guess that would be a new roof...We have had a pretty busy holiday. The week before Christmas our ceiling fell in! It all started w/a minor repair in our bathroom which led to tearing out a wall in there and then the ceiling fell in the back of our house. The next thing I know, we are advised to get a whole new roof!!! I am still recovering. I guess those guys wanted some Christmas money because they had that sucker up in 3 days, ha! We are still not able to live out of the back of our house bc/the ceiling could not be fixed until after the 1st of the year. And let me tell you plaster walls are no easy clean up. The mess is absolutley stressing me to no end. At least our roof looks nice.

All Aboard!

If you have not read The Polar Express or seen the movie, you simply must. My all time favorite. My students love it too. We had a Polar Express themed Christmas party at school that was tons of fun. Everyone wore their PJ's to school including me. I made "I believe" bell necklaces for each child to ring. We blew a train whistle and literallyshouted "All Aboard" and then I punched their tickets as they entered the room. It was too cute. They all brought their blankets to get cozy while we ate doughnuts, drank hot cocoa, and watched the movie. After that, I let them make and decorate Christmas cookies. It was a fun day.