Wednesday, February 20, 2008

TAG You're it!...This goes w/my Tag below...hilarious! It should've been me! :(

TAGGED, TAGGED, TAGGED! This should be interesting, to say the least!

Ok, so I was tagged by my friend Christi a lil' while back (sorry it has taken so long) to list 7 random facts about myself. I have enjoyed reading other tags and have laughed out loud at a few of them. I'm not sure if mine will be funny, but if you know me, you know that everyday of my life is pretty much random and "out of control", so I will give this a try. Sorry it is so lengthy, but my life could be a sitcom...

1. When I was in 3rd grade, I practiced everyday to go on Star Search. (and I mean everyday!) I had two other girls in my "dance group" and we were going to win it all! We even had our
costumes picked out. I designed them myself and I think there were definitely biking shorts
involved with some sort of sequin hat. I still remember the routine and I am not afraid to perform it to this day!

2. My mom bought me this really great ice cream cone eraser at the Hello Kitty store. It was so
cute and it really smelled like ice cream. In fact, I thought it smelled so good, that I stuck it in my nose (a lil' too far) and it got stuck. We had to have the pediatrician remove it. This was not the first time he had to remove an object from my nose either. I got a hold of a tea bag once (totally random) and stuffed little pieces of it up there. I don't know what my deal was?!!!

3. I am the biggest "fraidy cat" "worry wort" ever. My dad says that I did not walk until I was 18mos. old bc/ I was too scared to let go of his hand. This has followed me through the years. I worry all the time. I even check my pulse bc/ I always think I am having a heart attack. I convinced my doctor to let me wear a heart monitor for a while. My high school friends still laugh hysterically about this. This fact takes us to #4.

4. Because I was afraid to do anything to where I might possibly get hurt, I had never broken a bone...UNTIL... I was 22 years old. And get this, I broke my elbow roller skating! Yep, I said roller skating at 22. When Star Search didn't work out, I took on roller skating as a child. I was good too. Had my own skates w/pink wheels and totally thought I was cooler than the kids with the stinky brown rented skates. You know...the ones w/the frayed brown laces that went all the way up to your knees. Well, while I was visiting Gere's family in Corinth over Christmas break (in college) a group of us decided to go skating one night. I was showing off some of my tricks from my younger years and mid turn, I "face planted". Being the hypochondriac that I am, no one believed I was really hurt and I went all night w/a broken elbow. It was broken in 2 spots and I had a cast all the way up to my shoulder.

5. We had high school sororities in my home town. Lead-out is the event of the year (bigger than prom, by far). We're talking beaded dresses, tanning bed, french manicure, the works. I was preparing for my first Lead-out. My friend and I skipped lunch to get our eye brows waxed for $5 at Caster Knots in the mall. Something went wrong and I left there w/both eyelids and above my nose bleeding. I had huge scabs and you know what happens when you try to put liquid make-up on a scab. I was so attractive for my big debut.

6. A couple of years ago, Gere took me to see George Strait in concert. This was only my 3rd concert ever so I was a total amateur. Gere was obsessed w/George and I think we tried to claim one of his songs as "our song", ha! Well, somewhere, I convinced myself that I was going to get engaged @ this concert. I just knew Gere had something wonderful up his sleeve & George Strait was going to call me up on stage. My outfit was planned out perfectly and I quit biting my nails for this. We had a great time listening to the 2 opening acts. (I had no clue who they were.) Then...the lights started flashing, the drum rolls started and George Strait was making his grand entrance. THIS WAS IT...I WAS ABOUT TO GET ENGAGED RIGHT THERE ON STAGE!!! I was so worked up that I got sick and spent the whole entire concert in the "1st Aid" room. Never even got a glimpse of George. I forced myself to go back to our seats just long enough to tell Gere where I was (just thinking my boyfriend might be worried or wondering where I was) just to find him waving his lighter in one hand and his cowboy hat in the other. He was having a large time and certainly not worried. I missed the whole concert and I guess you know how this ends...He had absolutely no intentions of proposing at that concert and I'm not sure why I thought that he would have some kind of serious connections to get me on stage!

7. I had a temporary case of amnesia once. I had a car wreck when I was 16. I hit the windshield and smacked my head pretty good (maybe that is what's wrong w/me?). Anywho, I had a concussion and was unable to remember certain things. The thing is, I was really concerned w/very serious and important things, such as: if I had gone to the prom, If I was 16, did I have a date for the Lead-out?, etc. You know the truly pivotal moments...Ha. I woke up the next day in the hospital and everything was back to normal. Well, as normal as they can get w/me.

Oh, I could go on for days, but will spare you! I will however, leave you w/one last thought...

#8 I loooooooooove MULLETS! love, love, love them! I am pretty much obsessed. I can
spot one from a mile away and when I do, you better believe I take pictures. Thank the
good lord for camera phones! I have mullet cheers and have been known to make up
a song or two about mullets. My friend Hillary gave me mullet shampoo/car wash, mullet
chap stick, and a mullet magnet for a "happy" once. Ya gotta love that "business in the out back!!!!!!!

Now, I tag Libby again bc/she has become a blog party pooper, Jade, and Hillary .

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am "tutu" excited about my new hobby!

I have updated my cake slide show! I am still having a great time with my new hobby!

Updated Cake Slideshow

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