Thursday, July 19, 2012


Did you know that Hawaii became the 5oth state on August 21, 1959? Well now you do.
This week in class we read Luca's Quilt, Junie B. Jones Aloha-ha, and other books on Hawaii.
We learned Hawaiian words and made our own leis. Today we tasted Hawaiian foods at our own little luau. Our menu consisted of Hawaiian punch, Hawaiian bread, ham cubes, pineapple, bananas, and coconut. We cracked open a real coconut and a whole pineapple for them to see and taste. It was a lot of fun (and very tiring). I think my students really enjoyed the festivities though. They loved doing the hula!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back to the Beach

We had so much fun at the beach, we decided to go back in May. This time Stella Cate was 6 months old and sitting up (still wobbly, but sitting up). The weather was perfect! It wasn't too hot, but definitely warm enough to swim. Stella Cate loved the water. She loved kicking her little baby legs in the water like a little frog. It was so funny to watch her splash in the pool like she does in the tub. I have a baby fish on my hands. She is the sweetest thing in this whole wide world.

Adventures in baby food making

Stella's well baby checkup went very well and we got the ok to start baby food. I still had wedding credit at William Sanoma so I bought a baby food maker that I had my eye on along with a cookbook for babies and toddlers. I made my grocery list and then we headed to The Fresh Market. I love love my Beaba baby food maker and I really like making Stella Cate's food. I feel good about the fact that I can purchase yummy organic fruits and vegetables to feed SC healthy foods with out all of the added preservatives. We are trying one thing at a time to make sure she does not have any allergies. Although I tasted the sweet potatoe puree and it was yummy, I decided to start with squash and it was a hit. I wish I could say the same a about the sweet peas, haha!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Beach Baby

Stella Cate and I were really getting cabin fever from the long winter months and cold weather so on a whim we decided to jump in the car and head to the beach. We met my sister-n-law, niece, and mother-n-law. Stella Cate was 5 months old and my niece was 3 months old. It was definitely an adventure but we got the hang of it and really enjoyed the change of scenery.

Enjoying the beautiful weather

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stella Cate's Baptism

Stella Cate was baptized on March 28th at First United Methodist Church in Florence, AL. This is my church at home where Gere and I married. It was a very special day. She was so sweet in her beautiful christening gown (which I love!!!) and did not make a peep during the entire service. Our families and some very close friends came to share in the occasion. The service was very sweet and I could not help but cry during her baptism. The little children had a song to sing to her at the end. God has certainly blessed us with such a precious little girl.

Stella was surrounded by special people that love her. She was so so peaceful that day like she knew what it was all about. I really felt my mom's presence during the ceremony and I cannot begin to express my love for this little girl. I am very excited bc/I know that the lord has wonderful things planned for her.

I'm attaching the few pics I have and then I will add the pictures of her in her gown that the Jeanelle took when I place my order. I've seen the proofs and they are so so beautiful!